Check out more about my work by clicking here


Check out more about my work by clicking here


Check out more about my work by clicking here

One Sky One Change

This project was instigated during UWTSD Design Week (Feb 2020). Sky Creative was a guest speaker at the event and proposed a design challenge for the participants. Their challenge was simple, create a solution to their problem...Read more

Gingerr Fox Gaming Channel Branding

GingerrFox is a YouTube gamer who needed a new image for their Channel.

They wanted a friendly and inviting identity that could be expanded into a commercial brand...Read more

Penguin Book Student Awards

Penguin holds a competition for students every year. 

This is my submission for the Fiction book, the classic mystery thriller writer, John le Carre...Read more


Spray Paint Cans

This rebrand is a little nod to Basquiat. Pitched towards a graffiti orientated target audience. These limited-edition exciting designs make it stand out on the shelf...Read more


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